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8 Most Durable Types Of Car Trailers For Sale In Australia

What type suits your needs if you are in the market for a new car trailers for sale? The answer depends on what kind of cargo you plan to transport most often and how long that cargo needs to be stored. For example, if you are doing a lot of driving but need to keep things contained or protected from bad weather, then a decked car trailer might be right up your alley.

However, if it’s short hauls where your vehicle will only carry personal items (think moving boxes), then an open-frame trailer would be better. Whatever type of driving/delivery job you have planned out there in Australia (or anywhere else), here are some reliable options:

Decked Car Trailers

Decked car trailers are the most durable and expensive type of trailers. They’re used for carrying cars, trucks, and other heavy machinery. These trailers have a metal frame covered with wood planks to give them a deck shape. Carriers use them because they’re easy to load/unload vehicles onto the trailer using ramps or lifts, which makes it perfect for professionals who regularly transport large amounts of vehicles at once (i.e., car dealerships).

Drop Deck Car Trailers

They have a low deck height that allows for easy loading and unloading of vehicles, making them ideal for use at car dealerships. Drop deck car trailers come in several different sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they’re designed with a rear drop-down gate, making it easy to load and unload cargo without anyone standing on top of them while working.

Tow-Behind Car Trailer

Tow-behind car trailers are the most common type of car trailers. They have a tow ball at the back and a tow bar at the front. The tow ball is attached to the tow bar by a chain or rope, which allows you to pull it behind your vehicle. The tow bar is attached to the front axle of the trailer and allows you to steer it. You will need a heavy-duty tow bar for any large trailers, as these are designed for pulling heavy loads over long distances.

Flat Car Trailers

A flat car trailer is a type of trailer used to transport cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles. It’s the most common type of car carrier in Australia and around the world.¬†Flat deck trailers are usually made out of steel because it’s strong enough to support heavy loads without bending or breaking under pressure (which would cause damage). However, some aluminum flat deck models are also available if you want something lighter but equally durable!

Chassis Mounted Car Trailer

Chassis-mounted car trailers are a type of trailer mounted to the back of a truck, allowing the driver to tow the trailer with a single vehicle. This type of trailer uses either an open bed or an enclosed cargo box for storage purposes.

Self-Loading Car Trailers

Self-loading car trailers are designed to carry cars. They can be used for transporting vehicles from one place to another and are usually used to transport cars from dealerships to garages.

Gooseneck Tilt Semi-Trailers

Gooseneck tilt semi-trailers are an excellent option for hauling cars, trucks, and other vehicles. They can also carry cargo that needs to be tilted, like equipment or containers. Gooseneck tilt trailers are ideal for transporting heavy loads that need to be listed because they have a higher load capacity than flatbed trailers.

Dry van trailers for sale in Australia

Dry van trailers are the most common type of trailer transport goods. They can transport various products, from industrial chemicals to food items and machinery. This makes dry van trailers the most cost-effective choice for transporting your product.

You can load your cargo directly onto the trailer without unpacking it first! Dry vans also have removable sides that allow access inside, so you don’t need extra equipment like forklifts or cranes when loading your vehicle with cargo.

The most durable car trailers for sale in Australia

There are many different types of car trailers for sale in Australia, but the most durable ones have a few common characteristics.¬†They also have strong axles, so they don’t break down when carrying heavy loads over long distances, and shock absorbers help smooth out bumps in the road while driving down it. The most important thing when buying any trailer is to research what makes them durable enough for your needs before making any purchase decisions!


We hope you now have a better idea of which type of car trailer best suits your needs. We recommend a drop deck or tow-behind trailer if you’re looking for a durable trailer that can handle rough Australian roads and weather conditions. However, if you need something more cost-effective and easier to maintain, consider buying one of our self-loading models instead!

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