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Affordable Holter monitor test Sydney

Cardiology is an essential part of modern healthcare, and one of the most critical aspects of cardiology is the ability to diagnose heart problems quickly and accurately. We offer a range of cardiac diagnostic testing, including holter monitor test Sydney.

Cardiac Holter Monitor

If you’re wondering what a Holter monitor test is, you’ve come to the right place. This article will answer all your questions about Holter monitor testing and its benefits. A cardiac (heart) Holter monitor test is an electrocardiogram (ECG) that can diagnose abnormal heart rhythms and determine any underlying causes for these conditions. The ECG monitors electrical activity in the heart over 24 hours, which can help identify potential problems with your heart rhythm. This device records any abnormal beats or arrhythmias throughout the day and night so that doctors can analyze them later on when they look at it through their computers at home or work while they are sleeping; during physical activities such as walking around; during stressful situations like talking to someone face-to-face or even just sitting quietly watching TV If this often happens enough – especially if there’s no reason why it should happen – then it could mean someone has an underlying health issue affecting their heartbeat.”

heart specialist SydneyReal-time ECG

An ambulatory ECG is a test that measures your heart rhythm as you go about your day. It can be used to detect many types of arrhythmias, including tachycardia and bradycardia. This test gives your doctor information about your heart while resting, exercising, and sleeping. The results allow Cardiologists in Sydney to understand what’s happening with your heart in real-time without relying on past medical history or old tests like an EKG (electrocardiogram). The process takes 2–4 hours, depending on how long you need to wear the device—you’ll need it for 24 hours so doctors can see how often you have episodes of irregular heartbeat throughout the day and night. When this is done, you may want someone else with you so they can keep track of any changes in behaviour or symptoms related to abnormal patterns detected by the monitor.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the measurement of the force of blood against the walls of your arteries. Your blood pressure is highest when your heart beats and pumps blood through your arteries and lowest when you’re relaxed.

Normal Blood Pressure:

  • 120/80 mmHg or less
  • 140/90 mmHg or higher (hypertension)

You have high blood pressure if:

  • You have been diagnosed with high blood pressure by a health professional.
  • You have not seen any specialist in more than six months but have new symptoms such as chest pain or dizziness that may indicate that there may be something wrong with your health condition.

Low Blood Pressure means you are experiencing low levels of oxygenated blood flow to vital organs like the brain, lungs & heart, which can be caused due to anemia or dehydration due to prolonged vomiting/diarrhea.

Event Monitoring

Event monitoring is ambulatory monitoring in which a patient wears the Holter monitor for up to 24 hours or longer and is done by our heart specialist Sydney. The monitor records your heart rhythm and other events such as:

  • Arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat) – palpitations, dizziness, fainting spells, chest pain, lightheadedness
  • Heart failure – fluid build-up in the lungs or legs due to weakened heart function
  • Heart attack – the death of heart muscle tissue caused by the reduced blood supply to this area due to blocked blood vessels leading into and out of your heart; also called a myocardial infarction (MI), coronary thrombosis or simply “heart attack.”
  • Stroke – sudden loss of movement because part of your brain has been damaged by lack of oxygen due to blocked blood vessels leading into and out of your brain

Exercise Stress Testing

Exercise stress testing is a non-invasive test that measures the heart’s response to exercise. It helps to detect and diagnose coronary artery disease, as well as evaluate symptoms of angina. An exercise stress test may also be used to assess the effects of treatment, especially with medications such as beta-blockers or calcium channel blockers. A treadmill stress test involves walking on a treadmill at three different speeds: starting at 1 mile per hour (1.6 kilometres per hour), then increasing to 3 miles per hour (4.8 kilometres per hour) and finally up to 6 miles per hour (9.7 kilometres per hour). The amount of time spent walking at those speeds determines whether you pass or fail the physical examination!

Arrhythmia Consultation, Management, and Follow Up

There are many arrhythmias, but the critical thing to note is that they can be life-threatening if left untreated. Arrhythmia management requires the expertise of a cardiologist who can recommend treatment options best suited to your needs. Once a diagnosis has been made, your doctor will discuss the various treatment options available and help you decide on the best choice for yourself or your loved one.

We offer a range of cardiac diagnostic testing, including holter monitor tests in Sydney.

Our cardiologist in Sydney can help you with various cardiac diagnostic tests, including Holter monitor tests. This is essential to recording your heart’s electrical activity over 24 hours. The results will give us insight into the functioning of your heart and help us decide on the best course of treatment for you.


Cardiology is a medical field that studies the heart and its diseases. The primary purpose of this study is to diagnose and treat heart problems in patients. Many tests are used to detect heart problems, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG), echocardiography, exercise stress test etc. These tests help doctors to understand if your heart is healthy or not. If yes, then what kind of treatment should be given?

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