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Buy Brand New Honda CRV Regulator and CRV 2005 Alternator

The Honda CRV is one of the most popular SUVs in the market. The 2005 model of this vehicle has attracted many customers and sold very well, with more than 400,000 units sold worldwide. As a result, it’s no wonder that some Honda CRV owners have problems with their alternators and regulators. If you are having trouble with Honda CRV Regulator or need to replace it, you can refer to this article for instructions on how to do so.

The alternator on Honda CRV is located right in the front of the engine. You should first remove the front engine splash shield, and then you should undo the tightening bolts of the alternator. Next, you should disconnect the two wires of the alternator. Finally, you can remove it slowly.

As for changing a new Honda CRV regulator, what you should do is to just pull out the old regulator and then push in the new one. The whole process doesn’t need any special tools or skills.

It’s important to make sure you have all the right tools, parts, instructions and experience before you start changing any vehicle part. And no matter what kind of car you drive or how much money you have in your bank account, there are some things that only professional mechanics should do. However if you’re not a professional mechanic but still want to get into the fun-filled world of automotive repair then we recommend that you read our DIY tips for beginners when learning how to maintain or fix up your own vehicle.

If this sounds like something that’s up your alley then keep reading because we’re going over everything else an average Joe would need in order to change out their Honda CRV regulator/alternator on their own!


Honda CRV RegulatorIt’s quite easy For Honda CRV 2005 Alternator And Regulator Replacement

The whole process doesn’t need any special tools or skills, simply follow these steps:

  • Remove the front engine splash shield. You can do this by removing the two nuts on either side of the alternator and pulling off the shield.
  • Undo the tightening bolts of the alternator using a socket wrench (or socket set). After you remove all four bolts, you can detach it from its mounting bracket with your hands.
  • Disconnect the two wires going into it by pressing down on their locking tabs with a flathead screwdriver then pulling them out with pliers (or vice grips). Note that this may require some force so be careful not to break anything while doing it!
  • Remove it slowly by sliding it upwards towards where your steering wheel will go later on when replacing yours with ours so that they’re aligned perfectly together when connected again later on down below somewhere inside our car’s engine compartment area near where all those pipes are located under ground level down there somewhere beneath where we’ll be working on replacing both types of parts together because we need both kinds’ replacement together before finishing up this job after doing everything else already mentioned above

Honda Accord Alternator and spare parts

We have all the parts you need to repair your Honda Accord. Our selection of alternators is second to none and we have been a leading supplier of auto parts for over 60 years! We have a huge inventory of Alternators and Spare Parts for sale at our store or online. You can order online or stop by our shop in person.

Honda Accord Alternator and spare parts

Honda Accord Alternator and spare parts

Honda Accord Alternator Fits for following models:

  • Honda Accord 1999-2002,
  • Honda Accord 2003-2005,
  • Honda Accord 2005-2007,
  • Honda Accord 2008-2010,

Alternator for Honda Accord Fits for following models:

  • Honda Accord 1999-2002
  • Honda Accord 2003-2005
  • Honda Accord 2005-2007
  • Honda Accord 2008-2010
  • Honda Accord 2010-2012
  • Honda Accord 2013-2015

Honda Accord 2010-2012

The alternator is the most important part of your car’s electrical system. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and maintains a constant charge to your vehicle’s battery. The alternator is responsible for starting the engine and supplying power for all electrical systems, including headlights, hazard lights, windshield wipers and heating/cooling system.

To access an alternator you’ll need to remove the air duct or air filter box from the engine compartment. Then use a socket wrench set to loosen each bolt that holds down an alternator cable bracket to its mounting point on top of a radiator support frame member (see Figure 1). If there isn’t enough room between two bolts then use an extension bar to gain access behind them (or simply remove another one if possible). You should also remove any brackets that hold up wires running over top of your radiator support frame member along with any other items blocking access before disconnecting the cables from their respective posts inside your engine compartment (see Figure 2).

Honda Accord 2013-2015

After the Honda Accord 2013-2015, there’s a lot of room in the trunk. The rear seatbacks fold down to extend cargo space and the front passenger seat folds up to reveal more storage options. The seats themselves are comfortable and supportive, with leather upholstery that gets extra points for staying cool on hot days.

The Honda Accord is available with two engines: a 238-hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder or a 306-hp 3.5 V6 mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission (a six-speed manual is optional). We recommend choosing the larger engine since it gets better fuel economy numbers than the four cylinder with similar acceleration performance on paper—and in real life too, thanks to its light weight versus competitors like Toyota Camry SE V6 and Ford Fusion Platinum AWD EcoBoost models that come equipped with older technology at higher price points for lower power outputs, despite having additional cylinders under their hoods!


I hope this article can help you to find a better understanding of how to replace the Honda CRV 2005 alternator and regulator. It’s quite easy For Honda CRV 2005 Alternator And Regulator Replacement, just take your time, follow the steps carefully and make sure everything goes well.

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