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Chauffeur Perth Hire – Reserved Only For The Elite?

The name itself chauffeur service Perth & limousine services have a certain ring. Perhaps it is because the words chauffeur and limousine both have French origins, or perhaps it is because most people understand what a chauffeur represents.


A limousine is a prestigious and exclusive luxury vehicle in most people’s eyes. To be able to ride in one, one must be extremely fortunate. Most people associate “limo” with the long black or white stretch limousine that transports celebrities to a movie premiere or awards ceremony. This image has contributed to the limousine’s high-class reputation and exclusivity. However, a limousine can also be a luxury sedan. Nonetheless, many people overlook a prestigious mode of transportation.


Similarly, the term chauffeur Perth conjures up images of upper-class society. A chauffeur is considered well-dressed because they wear a suit or uniform and driving gloves or a cap. Most people believe that having a chauffeur gives them the impression that they have a servant who will drive them wherever they want. After considering these points, it is easy to see how hiring a chauffeured limousine would be restricted to the upper crust of society.

A Simple Misconception

chauffeur service perthMost people dismiss the common notion of a simple taxi. Here we have a professional driver who is most likely dressed in a company uniform or shirt and will take their passengers wherever they want to go. You may notice that there are different classes of taxis depending on where you live in the world. The main distinction between higher class taxis and regular service is the vehicle used and the driver’s attire. By doing so, the passengers’ ride will be much more enjoyable because they will be in a more luxurious car with a driver who looks the part.

Premium Taxi And Regular Taxi

Surprisingly, the rates for these premium taxi services are frequently the same as for regular taxi services. When most people consider hiring a taxi as a form of chauffeurs Perth transportation, their perception immediately changes. This mode of transportation is no longer restricted to the upper crust of society. When combined with these premier taxi providers, some people may realise they have previously travelled in a chauffeured limousine.

Pricing Issues

You may be wondering why Perth chauffeurs are typically more expensive than taxis. The answer to this question is dependent on one factor. Is this your expectation, or have you done your homework? Taxis, you see, use metres to calculate your fare, which is based on a combination of distance travelled and time spent in the taxi. A typical chauffeured hire car operator, on the other hand, will quote per job using their rates chart, taking into account the time and date of the trip, expected traffic, and so on.

Where To Get An Affordable Chauffeur Service In Perth

Australian Chauffeur Group is one of the top companies in Australia that provides the best fairs and excellent rides. If you are looking for a Perth chauffeur, they are the best option for you.

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