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Get Responsive Steering From Our LS1 Power Steering Pump.

While driving down the road, your hand on the wheel feels like it’s holding onto nothing. But in reality, you’re feeling the force of hydraulic pressure generated by your car’s power steering pump. This small but essential component is responsible for assisting when turning and helps to reduce driver fatigue over longer trips. The LS1 Power Steering Pump is connected to an engine’s crankshaft (via pulley) and uses a belt-driven or electric-driven shaft to turn a rotor. This, in turn, rotates two spools within the pump housing that draw fluid from the reservoir through a check valve into one spool chamber, then back out into another chamber before returning to its original position.

The LS1 steering pump is an excellent addition to any car. It’s easy to install and provides smooth operation while reducing noise. It comes with brackets, hardware, and quick-release hoses that make installation a snap. The power steering pump also has an anodized finish and a lightweight design, making it ideal for street rods or custom applications.

Improves Belt Wrap And Pull Strength.

Another advantage of the power steering pump is that it improves belt wrap and pull strength. The LS1 pump has a larger capacity to hold more fluid within its internal components. This allows for better cooling, resulting in less voltage loss due to heat build-up. Improving these two factors translates into higher efficiency and better performance from your power steering system overall!

Maintains A Stable Pressure Throughout The Operating Temperature.

One of the advantages of the LS1 Steering Pump is that it maintains a stable pressure throughout the operating temperature. This is important because it keeps your engine running smoothly for years to come instead of giving you problems with overheating and other issues that can lead to costly repairs down the line.

LS1 Power Steering Pump	Reduces Noise.

The LS1 pump is a direct replacement unit for the LT1 and other car engines, providing several advantages over its predecessors. The most significant advantage is that it reduces noise while maintaining performance, flow and pressure characteristics. It also reduces drag on the engine by reducing the system’s overall weight and eliminating unnecessary hydraulic hoses.

Supports Boost Levels.

This steering Pump can support a variety of different boost levels. Some customers who had previously used the LS1 pump could use it for their turbo kits and superchargers, and even a couple of them could use it with nitrous injection systems without any problems! This is not something that you will find in other power steering pumps on the market today!

Has A Lightweight Design With A High Flow Rate And Anodized Finish.

The LS1 steering pump is a lightweight, high-flow piece designed to be used with a standard- or high-performance pulley. It has an anodized finish that helps dissipate heat and improve belt wrap and pull strength, which results in more consistent pressure throughout its operating temperature range. This prevents noise and reduces the potential for leaks caused by fluctuating pressures. Plus, it supports boost levels up to 40psi.

The Elimination Of Power Steering Lines To The Rear Of The Car.

A pulley assembly is eliminated by eliminating the need for belts and pumps. As with conventional designs, the rack and pinion components are located on top of each other rather than separting into two locations. This allows you to save weight and space while giving you a better view of your engine compartment if it’s visible outside your car. The elimination of this extra linkage system also makes for more responsive steering because there’s less resistance against your steering wheel when you turn it!

The LS1 Power Steering Pump Comes With Hardware, Hose Fittings, And Brackets.

The LS1 power steering pump comes with everything you need to install it. It includes the pulley, brackets, quick-release hoses and hardware. The pulley is made of cast aluminium and can take a lot of abuse without breaking down over time. The hose fittings are also engineered for long life and connect easily to other fittings on other parts in your vehicle’s system.

The Maximum Operating Temperature Is 300 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The LS1 Steering Pump is also a must-have for your vehicle. It has a maximum operating temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it can withstand the heat generated by your engine. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their vehicles’ engine cooling systems.

It also has an aluminium radiator and pumps housing, making it lightweight and easy to install. And with its high flow rate, you’ll get fast coolant circulation that keeps your car running at peak performance!

It Can Be Mounted To The Front Of A Block.

The LS1 Steering Pump is an excellent option for street rods and custom applications. It’s perfect for street rods and custom applications with small block engines. You can mount the pump can o the front of the block using provided brackets, hardware and hose fittings. The LS1 has a high volume 3/4″ output shaft with an integrated flange to connect to your accessory belt drive system or electric motor-driven power steering rack.

It Uses Quick-Release Hoses And Includes A New Bracket.

The second feature that makes this power steering pump great is its quick-release hoses. These hoses are easier to install than other types and are also less expensive. If you have trouble with any part of the system, it’s easier to replace because you don’t have to worry about dealing with any leaks.

It also has several other benefits. Its compact design makes it lighter and more compact than other pumps. This makes it more mobile and easier to install in tight spaces. The internal parts are also easier to remove if needed, making replacement much simpler than with other models.

It’s Perfect For Street Rods And Custom Applications.

This power steering pump is an excellent upgrade for street rods and custom applications. The kit also includes a high-flow pressure relief valve, which helps to prevent overheating and overloading the pump. It’s perfect for LS1 engines but you can also use it in conjunction with other LS engine swaps like LS2 or LS3. With a bit of modification on your part, this power steering pump will work perfectly with any car with an aftermarket engine swap!

This Aluminium Pressure Plate Is Machined To Accept The 5/6 Bolt Pulley Pattern.

It features an aluminium pressure plate machined to accept the 5/6 bolt pulley pattern, which makes it easier for you to find replacement accessories for your vehicle if you ever need them down the line. This type of power steering pump also offers increased horsepower thanks to its lightweight design and torque handling capabilities. This is because it can handle more than twice as much pressure as other pumps at only 1/3rd more weight!


LS1 Steering Pump is best for those who want to upgrade their ride and save money. You can purchase this product as a kit or just by itself. We hope this article has helped you make an informed decision about your next purchase, and we wish you luck in your search!

If you want more information on this steering pump, feel free to contact Parts Factory Australia any day.

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