Industrial Rope Access Sydney and Height Safety Systems

Industrial Rope Access Sydney

Industrial Rope Access Sydney and height safety solutions are an essential part of any workplace health and safety program. Whether you need to carry out inspections or maintenance in hazardous environments, or just want to keep the overhead equipment working efficiently, you must look for a supplier who have all the right tools for the job.

Industrial Rope Access and Height Safety Solutions

Industrial rope access is a specialized form of work that can be used to elevate workers to heights. Rope access is a safe, fast and efficient way to work at height, as it allows you to move personnel quickly without the need for any specialized equipment or heavy machinery.

Rope Access Sydney systems are an essential part of your overall risk management plan because they help you eliminate falls from heights in the workplace. The benefits of using this type of system include:

  • Reducing worker injuries caused by slips and falls on stairs or ladders
  • Eliminating the risks associated with working from a ladder at height, such as tripping and falling off it; slipping on wet surfaces; getting entangled in electrical cords/wires hanging down from above; leaning too far over the side railings which could cause them to fall forward onto their head (which could lead them suffering serious brain injuries). All these actions can result in serious injury or even death! However using industrial rope access offers peace-of-mind knowing that employees will always remain safe when working at height!

Rope and Remedial Rope Access Contractors Sydney

Rope and Remedial is the only association that is certified and have all relevant accreditation.

Height Safety Consulting and Design Services

  • Consulting services for a wide range of height safety systems
  • Design and engineering services for specialty applications
  • Conventional fall protection systems such as: guardrails, safety nets, personal fall arrest systems and harnesses
  • Rope access systems such as: lanyards, self-retracting lifelines (SRLs), remote-controlled lanyards (RCLs)

Industrial Rope Access Inspection and Maintenance Services

Industrial rope access inspections are an integral part of safety management. They should be carried out at regular intervals, and by a competent person. It’s important that these inspections are documented and reviewed.

Inspection Frequency:

  • Inspection should be carried out on a regular basis, with the frequency determined by risk assessment and maintenance requirements. For example, if you have been carrying out maintenance work on your industrial rope access system over the past few months then it may not be necessary to carry out an inspection until the next scheduled maintenance visit comes around again within a few weeks or months time. On the other hand if no such work has been done then it might make sense for this inspection to take place sooner rather than later in order to ensure that everything is still working correctly (for example ropes or harnesses) and that there aren’t any signs of wear or damage (for example fraying ropes).

    Industrial Rope Access Sydney

Sales, Hire of Equipment and Installation –Rope Access and Height Safety Systems

Rope and Remedial stocks a wide range of equipment and accessories, from simple rope access systems for one person to complex multi-storey installations involving hundreds of people.

They can provide you with a quotation based on your requirements. They can also install the equipment in your premises or at our depot if required.

In addition, some building safety companies also offer training courses for both clients and their employees who use Height Safety Systems Sydney.

The team at Rope and Remedial is highly experienced in the field of industrial rope access and Height Safety Sydney solutions, bringing to you years of experience.

Their rope access technicians are trained to the highest standards and have completed an extensive training course. They have a team of highly experienced rope access technicians who can provide you with practical advice on how to safely complete your works using a range of systems.

The Height Safety Sydney consultants at Rope and Remedial are fully qualified and have many years’ experience in providing consultation services, inspections and audits for manufacturers, distributors, contractors and end users. Their extensive knowledge will enable us to provide all aspects of safety certification including design review, installation audits as well as annual maintenance checks ensuring your system is maintained at optimal levels throughout its life cycle.

Easy Building Inspection

Industrial Rope Access and Height Safety Systems


The high rise building inspection, cleaning, painting is easy with Industrial Rope Access and Height Safety Systems. With this system you can inspect the high rise buildings from top to bottom. Inspectors can be lowered through the inside of the building without having to go outside. This system also makes it possible for workers to clean windows, repair roofs and other jobs that need to be done on a tall building.

The Industrial Rope Access and Height Safety Systems are the most cost effective way to inspect, clean, paint or install items on high-rises such as bridges and buildings. The system consists of a series of ropes and pulleys that are used to lift workers up to the top of a building or bridge. The ropes are connected to a harness worn by the worker who climbs them.

The system allows for easy access to hard to reach areas of a structure without having to climb all the way up there manually. It also allows for multiple people to be on site at once without having excessive traffic on the ground level below them.

This type of system is safe because it is designed specifically for working in high places like these structures mentioned above; they are designed with safety in mind so that accidents don’t happen often as they might if someone were trying this method alone without proper training or equipment like this one has available now!

Industrial Rope Access and Height Safety Systems are used by many different types of companies including:

  • Construction companies
  • Window cleaning companies
  • Roofing companies


Industrial Rope Access and Height Safety Systems are the ideal solution for companies looking to improve productivity and efficiency, as well as reduce their risk of accidents. Our team are highly experienced in the field of industrial rope access and height safety solutions, bringing to you over 30 years experience. We can help you choose from a range of different products depending on your needs and budget, including IRATA-approved training courses for those new to this type of equipment.


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