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Varieties of high arch high instep shoes in Australia.

If you’ve got big feet and are looking for high arch high instep shoes, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a vast selection of styles that will perfectly fit your high instep feet. Our shoes come in every type imaginable; whether it’s slip-ons, high instep sneakers, or boots, we’ll have what you need.

Slip-on shoes for high instep feet.

If you have a high instep, you may struggle to find comfortable shoes. The best way to ensure that you can still wear stylish shoes for high instep and wide feet is by choosing the right size and style. Below are some tips on choosing the right shoe for your high instep feet.

  • Consider the heel height of the shoe: If your high instep is due to arthritis or joint stiffness, a higher heel can help ease pressure on joints and make walking easier. However, if it’s due to flat feet, muscle imbalance, or weakness in other parts of your leg or foot, a lower heel will probably be more comfortable for prolonged standing or walking (see our guide here). High heels might also cause pain if they put too much pressure on metatarsals which bear body weight and arch support with every step taken – so look for styles with less height than usual when buying heels!
  • Check out our guide on choosing footwear here if you are unsure what kind of footwear will work best for you!

Leather shoes for high instep feet.

Leather is the most popular choice for high-quality, high instep trainers. It’s comfortable, durable and easy to clean. Still, it’s also not as flexible as other materials—so it’s not ideal for people who need a lot of movement and flexibility in their footwear. Leather also tends to be more expensive than synthetic materials.

men's shoes for high instep and wide feetSneakers for high instep feet.

The first type of sneaker that we will be looking at is the one with a wide toe box. We have a variety of the best shoes for high instep that is available in many different colours, but they are not all suitable for high instep feet. You must ensure that your sneakers have a high arch, wide instep, and a wide toe box before purchasing them if you want to enjoy maximum comfort when walking around in these shoes. The second type of shoe that we are going to look at we call the minimalistic running shoe. It is designed uniquely for runners with high insteps and high arches on their feet. This footwear has little cushioning and provides excellent support for people with these conditions.

Brogues for high instep feet.

You can wear brogues in any style, from casual to dressy. You can even wear them with jeans or chinos, which makes them ideal for the man who wants a more sophisticated shoe than a sneaker but doesn’t want to be too formal. Brogues are available in leather and suede, so they come in colours like browns and blacks and reds and blues—the latter being a popular choice for summer. Brogues have been around since the mid-1700s when British soldiers used to wear them stationed in Scotland during the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815). We traditionally made them of leather with decorative perforations on the toe cap; however, today you’ll find brogues made from materials such as suede or canvas to provide breathability on warm days. Brogues also feature laces that wrap around each other at different intervals depending upon how tight or lose you want them tied up; this means there is an endless array of ways you could style your look!

Slippers for high instep feet.

We’ve all got high insteps. And when we shop for high instep slippers for ladies or men, we often find nothing out there for our particular foot type. Fortunately, there are a few places you can look to see if you can find the perfect pair of high arch high instep shoes in Australia. Slippers are an excellent option for those with wide feet who need extra room in their shoes for high instep and high arch. But not just any slipper will do—you want something with a higher heel that will give your high instep foot more support when walking around town or running errands (and let’s be real here—who doesn’t like to put on some comfy footwear after coming home from work?). Some brands that offer great options include:

  • Palermo Men’s walker
  • Michael Men’s runner

Boots for high instep feet.

Boots are a great choice if you’re looking for men’s shoes for high instep and wide feet that can accommodate high arches and other foot issues like wide feet or bunions. The main factor determining the type of boot you should get is the material used to make them. A leather boot will be more durable and comfortable than a plastic one, but it also tends to cost more. If your feet are in bad shape, then maybe find a pair made from synthetic materials; they’ll be cheaper and much easier on your poor piggies!

Sandals for high instep feet.

If you’ve got the high instep and the sandals, it’s time to get some high-arch sandals. We’ve got some great options for women with wide feet and high arches. Our best-selling style is our As Francisco Sandal, which has a 2-inch heel height and is available in sizes 6-10. These are super comfy and can be worn all day without causing discomfort or fatigue. The cutouts around the ankle allow for better airflow and help keep your feet cool on hot days, while the leather upper offers excellent comfort and durability.


The high arch high instep shoe selection is varied and offers every feature for people with high instep problems. If you are looking for slip on high instep shoes for ladies or brogues that won’t pinch your feet, this list will help you find what you need. We hope that we have provided enough information so that you can make an informed decision about which shoe is right for your foot type.

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