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Shop For The Most Durable Trailers For Sale QLD Online

Trailers are a great way to transport cargo, and if you’re looking for a durable Trailers for sale QLD, Australia, look no further than the Austrailers Qld. There trailers have been designed and built to last. It’s got everything you need, from a durable trailer and more. The trailer body is made of galvanised steel that will never rust or rust through. It also comes with an LED tail light and indicators, so there’s no worry about it being dark while driving at night!


You’ll be impressed by the features of this trailer. The galvanised chassis has been powder coated and comes with LED tail lights and indicators. There is a spare wheel too, which is essential for any vehicle that may get bogged or require a tow out on the road.The cage has mesh sides, giving you excellent visibility when driving. It has an adjustable Jockey Wheel and is 2380mm long x 1400mm wide x 1250mm high (9’2″ x 4’7 “x 4′). This means it can fit all vehicles, including large 4WDs, vans and trucks!

Galvanised Chassis

Galvanised chassis is more durable than non-galvanised chassis.Non-galvanised alloys in a trailer are prone to rust and corrosion, which is why many buyers look for galvanised steel when purchasing a trailer. The zinc coatings on galvanised steel make it highly resistant to rust, meaning your camper will have the lifespan you need for less money than buying one without this feature.

LED Tail Lights and Indicators

LED tail lights are brighter than the traditional incandescent lamp, so you’ll be able to see them from further away. They also last longer, use less energy and put out less heat which is suitable for your battery life.Some worry that LED lights don’t look as bright or colourful as incandescent bulbs.

However, this isn’t true! On many modern trucks and trailers, the colour of the light can also be changed by pressing a button on your remote control key fob or dashboard so you can change it from daytime running light blue (as pictured below) to amber during nighttime driving conditions if you prefer something more subtle which will blend into traffic better when there are other cars around on our highways in Australia.

Spare Wheel

A spare wheel is a must-have for car trailers for sale QLD, but you must have the right one.

The spare wheel should be in good condition and of a similar size as the main wheel, so they can both fit on your car.

  • Ensure that your spare tyre has been inflated before buying it.
  • This way, you’ll be sure your trailer can get up any hills or rocky terrain without problems!

Mesh Cage

The Mesh Cage is an excellent option for those looking for a trailer that can be used for storage. It is made from high-quality galvanised steel and is optional, so you can remove it if desired. The mesh cage is powder coated and comes in black or silver.

Cage Width – 1400mm

The cage width of a trailer is the measurement from the outside of the wheels. The cages are measured between two parallel lines, one directly behind each wheel. This is why they’re sometimes referred to as ‘wheel spacing’ when talking about them in relation to their size.

Mesh Height – 1250mm

The mesh height of all our dog and cat enclosures, including the X-Pens and Doggy Pens, is 1250mm. This is the minimum height required to keep pets contained and safe from harm. A lower mesh height may not prevent your pet from escaping or getting out through the gaps in a netting system that has been installed with no consideration for their safety.

This mesh size has been deemed suitable by leading pet industry professionals as it’s enough room for dogs and cats to move around but still keeps them safely inside their enclosure. However, if you have smaller animals, such as rabbits or guinea pigs, we recommend choosing a slightly higher mesh height (1500mm), so they don’t get stuck on top of the fence while trying to jump over it!

Swing Up Jockey Wheel

A swing-up jockey wheel is a brilliant and convenient thing to have on a trailer. This wheel allows the driver to quickly move their load from one place to another, which is especially useful if you need to load it onto a truck or into your garage. A swing-up jockey wheel also makes it easier for you to position the trailer correctly before hooking up and moving off, as it lets you position your trailer exactly where you want it instead of having to pull over every time there’s an obstacle.There are several different types of swing-up jockey wheels available today, including:

  • Swing-away style: These are the most popular type of swing-up jockeys because they allow easy access underneath so that they can be used with many different types of Aussie trailers.
  • Ratchet style: These use simple ratcheting mechanisms that make them easy to use with just one hand but may not work well on uneven surfaces
  • Hydraulic lift: These can be very effective at lifting heavy loads quickly but require additional power connections and hydraulic hoses


We have a great range of durable trailers for sale QLD Australia. Look no further if you’re looking for a new trailer that will last and get the job done! Our sturdy, reliable trailers are built to last and will get the job done every time. So go ahead and take this opportunity to check out our site today!